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     Micha-El (Dr. Alan Berkowitz) has traveled to Brazil many times to participate in the activities at Figueira,
     a spiritual community established by Triguerinho Neto (see below). During his visits, he was invited by
     Trigueirinho to give lectures on Paul Brunton and his teachings.
     There are ten lectures that can be listened to here: The Path of Philosophy.

     Triguerinho, a student of a student of Paul Brunton, has become a well known spiritual teacher establishing a number of spiritual centers.
     All of his thousands of students are PB students as well.  He has also been instrumental in the translating and publishing of the
     first three Notebooks of Paul Brunton as well as small books into Portuguese and Spanish.
     http://www.shasti.org (site of his English language publisher, the Shasti Association)