Read PB's Teachings in Many Languages

Friends of Paul Brunton, based in Sweden, have created a wonderful resource of Paul Brunton's wisdom teachings by translating selections from The Notebooks of Paul Brunton into many languages. Over 4000 selections have been translated for each language and posted on their website Also, PB Peace and Freedom is a wonderful study tool and introduction to 73 of PB's major ideas. It is available in English, French, German, Russian, and Swedish.

Currently there are PB teachings in the following languages. Each language links to the PB Daily Note archive for all the Notebook selections currently available in that language. Click on the language you wish to read. When you arrive at the Daily Note site, you will see the 16 volumes of the Notebooks with links to sections and subsections (these section titles are in English--continue to the quotes in your chosen language). Many languages also provide an audio file for each day. NEW!--Now there is a subscription option for most languages so you can have the PB Daily Note emailed to you. (Paul Brunton's books that he wrote during his lifetime are also available in many languages.)


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    Portuguese     (And the official website for PB in the Portuguese language)


    Spanish    (And the official website for PB in the Spanish language)




More translators are needed!

The Friends of Paul Brunton volunteers work in different ways. Some translate notes, others help find competent translators and/or inform individuals and groups all over the world about the website and invite them to visit it daily.

    Three qualifications are required to translate the Daily Notes:

    1. A thorough understanding of Paul Brunton´s teaching.

    2. A good knowledge of English.

    3. Ability to translate clearly in one's own language.

Maybe you or someone you know, meet these qualifications and would love to translate PB-notes into another language than the ones you see on this website?

Please contact them at

There is no money involved in this internet service. It is a volunteer work of love.