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The teaching of a higher individuality needs to be correctly understood. It is not that a separate one exists for each physical body. The consciousness which normally identifies itself with the body--that is, the ego--when looking upward in highest devotion or inward in deepest meditation, comes to the point of contact with universal being, World-Mind. This point is its own higher self, the divine deputy within its own being. But if devotion or meditation are carried still further, to the very utmost possible stretch of consciousness, the point itself merges into its source. At this moment the man is his source. But--"Man shall not see My face and live!" He returns eventually to earth-consciousness, where he must follow out its requirements. Yet the knowledge of what he is in essence remains. The presence of the deputy is always there meanwhile, always felt. It may fittingly be called his higher individuality.

-- Notebooks Category 25: World-Mind in Individual Mind > Chapter 1: Their Meeting and Interchange > # 155

-- Perspectives > Chapter 25: World-Mind in Individual Mind > # 2

The Notebooks are copyright © 1984-1989, The Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation.