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Confucius lived 2500 years ago yet for 1500 years his wisdom was highly prized throughout China. He described a standard and ideal to be sought for human behaviour and human social intercourse. Character and conduct need to be disciplined and polished, he affirmed, and proper decorum must enter into one's relations with others. Proper respect must be shown to those entitled to it. The Chinese rightly considered him a sage who knew the ultimate significance of life, who was enlightened and understood the hidden meaning and the higher purpose of human existence. For these reasons I also advocate that this matter of refined behaviour be regarded in a totally new light as a form of spiritual expression and development.

-- Notebooks Category 15: The Orient > Chapter 3: China, Japan, Tibet > # 81

-- Perspectives > Chapter 15: The Orient > # 38

The Notebooks are copyright © 1984-1989, The Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation.