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There is a fullness of vision in Paul Brunton’s (PB’s) work that is rare to find among philosophers or spiritual teachers.  Whether he is dealing with non-dualism in his unique short path / long path discussions, leading us through a look at karma that far surpasses the standard interpretations, guiding us along the mind expanding road to mentalism, or prodding us to find our best ways to meditate—and these are but examples of his offerings—he operates in the context of an enormous and profound body of ancient wisdom that he has assimilated and brought forward for our time.  Perhaps even more importantly, with PB there is always application to Life… to our lives…and there is always Goodness.


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His legacy is staggering.  The posthumously published Notebooks of Paul Brunton bear the secrets of the ages, and give us a comprehensive guiding vision for life; his early works are dazzling resources; often bringing new levels of insight to the great classical teachings of the world.

Times are shifting very fast now, and while PB “translated” ancient wisdom into a vernacular for the 20th Century, we are already deep into the 21st!  The Paul Brunton Philosophical Foundation (PBPF) is sitting with a double-edged sword in its lap—a bit scary!  On one edge, there is a fully developed philosophical vision that opens the heart and mind of the reader and penetrates to the depths of our being, helping us to transcend our human dilemma and also showing us how to help others.  On the other edge, there is the great need to work with the ideas for their re-presentation and renewal for the current generation.

We are often asked, at PBPF, “Don’t you have a good short synopsis of PB’s concept of mentalism,” or “Isn’t there a short volume on PB’s understanding of Grace to coincide with his work on Karma?”  Both of these have now been completed thanks to donations and volunteer editors. And more books are in the works.  We love sending these small books out, sometimes at cost, sometimes giving them away to those who cannot afford them.

One of the key goals of PBPF, and of its individual board members, is to make PB’s grand vision and guiding principles available in the world to all who might be interested and who would find them helpful.  That vision, along with the vision of his student Anthony Damiani and other like-minded philosophers is constantly being studied by the PBPF as our guide for generating new materials in response to our modern needs.  Thus the Foundation is in the business of creating new books, study guides, pamphlets, and audios, while also renewing the original writings of PB that are in its care.

                                                                       Circles of Light

The Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation (PBPF) holds the copyrights to all of Paul Brunton’s original works, the Notebooks and the full body of his unpublished works. We have established three major ways that gifting can occur to ensure the perpetuity of bringing the vision of Paul Brunton and like minded philosophers into our world and to future generations.

Illuminating the Ways   (Lighting up the path)
Unrestricted Annual Gifts to support the areas of the Foundation’s greatest needs. 
Gifts may include Honorary or Memorial gifts of any amount to recognize an individual and the donor’s shared commitment to the advancement of the Philosophic teachings. To make a memorial donation in someone's name, simply enter that person's name in the PayPal field "Add special instructions to the seller."

Radiating the Light    (Altruistic service gifts)
Dedicated Gifts/Pledges earmarked for specific projects, including:

  • Archival Fund – Keyboarding all of PB’s writings into a usable searchable form and to ensure preservation.
  • Publishing, Reprinting and Editing PB’s Books and Materials – to republish the early books, to enable the printing of new material from the unpublished writings of Paul Brunton and to encourage the work of new authors so that the Ideas are kept alive and his vision continues into the future.
  • PBPF Book Gift Project – Books are donated world-wide to spiritual study centers and libraries.
  • Prison Project FundWhat is Karma? is sent free to prisoners asking to receive his book; other books are sent when requested and as possible.
  • Website Project - To keep this site updated with new material and user friendly features.

Emanating the Light    (Flowing forth to future generations)
PBPF Future Funds (Dedicated or General Fund Gifts) to ensure the perpetuity of PBPF’s dissemination of the Philosophic Teachings worldwide
Named funds offer a meaningful opportunity to convey your most deeply held values.  Such funds may be named to honor or memorialize one’s own life, a family member or a very special person such as a beloved teacher or they may be anonymous and unnamed.

You make the personal decision for a one time significant gift or to pledge a continuing gift through trusts, wills, bequests, etc., to benefit projects and the ongoing work of the Foundation.  These gifts are held in the PBPF Future Funds. The assets are invested and gradually add value over time while using the net income to support specific projects, capital improvements or for meeting the greatest needs of the Foundation.


“What is the greatest charity, the truest philanthropy?” PB  asked.  “It is so to enlighten a person that thereafter he or she will find within all the resources needed to manage life so as to bring the greatest happiness.” (The Notebooks of Paul Brunton 2.8.100)

None of the work of PBPF—the maintenance of existing PB books; creation of new PB materials and materials by like minded philosophers; book give-aways; the Prison Project—none of it would be possible without your generous donations, and those of others like you.

PB wrote, “Those who are searching for truth are only a small number but still they are a growing number.  Each of us may repay our own obligation by saying the right word at the right time, by lending or giving the right book to the truth-hungry person.”  (The Notebooks of Paul Brunton 2.8.157

Donating to PBPF is really a creative and effective means to "give a book to a truth-hungry person."  Whether as a one-time donation, a monthly or annual gift, or by remembering the Foundation in your own legacy and will, what more profound way might one find to repay the gift of truth, and perhaps to pass it along to some forthcoming soul? 

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  • Illuminating the Ways - General Funds

  • Radiating the Light - Archival Project Fund

  • Radiating the Light - Publishing, Reprinting and Editing PB’s Books and Materials

  • Radiating the Light - PBPF Book Gift Project

  • Radiating the Light - Prison Project Fund

  • Radiating the Light - Website Project

  • Emanating the Light

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