About Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation

The Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation (PBPF) is a resource for individuals seeking to deepen their experience and gain broader understanding of themselves, their deeper Self, and the Real.

The PBPF Board of Directors

The PBPF is governed by an active and committed twelve-member Board of Directors, with officers serving one-year terms except for the Board Chair, who serves a three-year term.  Directors serve up to three-year terms.  The Board Chair also currently volunteers as President. 

Standing Committees include:

Finance/Auditing Committee, chaired by the Treasurer of the Board, consisting of three Board members 
Annual audits are conducted by a CPA external to the Board

Nominating Committee, chaired by an Officer with at least one Director and may include at least one Volunteer 
Responsible for nominating persons to the Boards, Advisory Boards, and Volunteers to Board of Committees

Publications Committee, consisting of at least three Directors and may include Volunteers 
Responsible for all items pertaining to the publishing arena, including preserving and maintaining PB's writings in print, and developing new materials

Philosophic Spiritual Community Committee, comprised of Directors, Advisers, and Volunteers
Involved in establishing and maintaining relationships with like-minded organizations and/or individuals throughout the world

Special Committees:
Archival Committee
Communications, Development, and Outreach
other AdHoc Committees as needed

Officers of the Board:
Chair, Tom Marino
First Vice Chair, Barbara Plaisted 
Second Vice Chair, Beverly Bennett
Secretary, Janet Hollis Selby
Treasurer, Louis DeSarno

Current Board Directors:
Beverly Bennett
Lisa Berardino
Barbara Plaisted
Mary Ann Flory
Louis Damiani
Tom Marino
Louis DeSarno
Janet Hollis Selby
Michael Eisman

Raina Elkins
Jeffrey Cox
Cleta Rudolph

Click here for Board Directors' Bios.
Inquiries can be addressed to: information@paulbrunton.org

We have the honor of being the stewards of Paul Brunton’s writings (published and unpublished), his photographs, and other memorabilia.  We are also fortunate to have several board members who worked closely with Paul Brunton (PB) in his latter years and who are often available to respond to questions regarding PB himself, his writings, and the general practice of an independent spiritual path.

Thanks to donors' generous contributions to PBPF, this site exists, as do the Notebooks of Paul Brunton, the reprints of his earlier writings, and a variety of other projects.  The income made from book sales is applied to a reprint fund, which ensures that these books will always remain in print; any additional earnings are directly applied to the development of new publications or projects.  

The Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation is a (501(c)(3)) non-profit foundation.  Memberships and donations are tax deductible, unless otherwise noted.  The PBPF was incorporated in 1986 by PB's son, Kenneth Hurst , his major European publisher, Robert Larson, and members of Wisdom’s Goldenrod, two of whom are co-editors of The Notebooks.  

Originally funded by the extraordinary donations of Robert Larson, and with the support of Kenneth Hurst, a team was formed under the guidance of Paul Cash and Timothy Smith to accomplish PB’s final wish: to see an edited version of his lifetime collection of notes (paras) put into print.  This project spanned eight years and was only achieved through the dedicated work by many members of the Wisdom’s Goldenrod community.  The final result is available as The Notebooks of Paul Brunton (Larson Press). 

Since completing this task, we’ve turned our attention to the even greater task: informing the general public about PB and providing meaningful access to the universal wisdom so often found in the pages of his writings.  To this end we have published small introductory books for the general public, we have begun a major project of publishing enhanced versions of PB’s original books, and we have developed this website. 

We recommend Realizing Soul: From Intuition to an Inspired Life and the special edition book of the classic A Search in Secret Egypt.  Both of these can be purchased in our online shop.  We also support the activities of many individuals who are presenting the ideas and teachings of PB to a worldwide audience and providing prisoners with copies of our smaller books through the donor-supported “Prison Project.”

Paul Brunton’s own mission statement might well have been “to promote the essence of spiritual development to all students of every faith and every social standing in language suited for the modern world.”  PB’s teachings are primarily meant to augment and deepen the practices of individuals who are committed to an independent spiritual practice and who have a living reverence for the wide variety of teachings available in the world today.  These teachings begin with introduction to spiritual life, the reeducation of the ego, and the attention to physical health; they conclude with a careful unfoldment of advanced meditation techniques and the philosophy behind their success.  Read more about PB’s approach.

The PBPF operates with a very active volunteer Board of Directors and 1 1/2 paid support staff (who are focused on completing the Archive Project).  We are committed to keeping our overhead to a minimum and ensuring that donated funds are directly applied to the goals and projects of the Foundation.  We are always open to suggestions for new projects!

The Foundation is headquartered in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York, where Paul Brunton's original writings, photographs, and memorabilia are housed.

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