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Tantrik Kashmir--How a glimpse may come: (1) Between two breaths, as then the small self vanishes, the universal pause taking over. (2) Imagine the divine Self's light moving up spine. (3) Mind's attention between eyebrows, without thoughts. (4) Let external beauty melt within you or let any point in space or on a wall dissolve. (5) When everything external dissolves into you, then your wish for another comes true. (6) Meditate with face covered by hands, or with fingers touching eyeballs very lightly. (7) Concentrate continuously on the sound of waterfall, or similar sounds. (8) Intone A-U-M slowly and move with the sound into harmony of soundlessness. (9) Bring mindstuff below in your heart. (10) Consider your form as space. (11) Saturate body with cosmic being. (12) Bring senses into heart. (13) Never mind thoughts, keep in the centre. (14) In worldly activity, keep attentive between breaths. (15) Concentrate on withdrawing into heart when going to sleep and thus direct dreams. (16) See all things converging into your being. (17) When eating or drinking, become the taste of the food, or become the eating. (18) Abide in a place endlessly spacious, clear of habitations and hills, then undo mind's pressures. (19) Whatever kind of satisfaction is enjoyed, actualize this ever-living presence. (20) Just before falling into sleep, being is revealed. (21) See as if for first time a beautiful person or an object. (22) Let yourself swing in slowing invisible circles and thus experience. (23) Close eyes, find blackness. Open eyes, see blackness. So faults disappear. (24) Just as you have impulse to do something, stop. (25) When some desire comes, consider it, then suddenly quit it. (26) Realize; feel your form as made of consciousness. (27) When exhausted physically, drop to the ground, be whole. (28) Both enlightened and unenlightened persons perceive objects, but former remain in subjective mood, not lost in thing. (29) When hearing ultimate teaching imparted, keep eyes still, unblinking, thus become free. (30) Contract rectum, withdraw inwards. (31) Nothing else exists than this consciousness. (32) Enter space, supportless, eternal, still. (33) This consciousness is the guru, be this one.

-- Notebooks Category 22: Inspiration and the Overself > Chapter 5: Preparing for Glimpses > # 49

The Notebooks are copyright © 1984-1989, The Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation.