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Field Marshal Montgomery a Meditator! by Alexander Clifford, the war correspondent, who travelled from El Alamein to Germany with Field Marshal Montgomery: "Montgomery's military thinking was as logical and unorthodox as everything else. Once again his simplicity was at the root of it. He believed deeply in long periods of pure thought--of working each problem out from scratch. Way back in the desert he started a routine which he never abandoned. It was built round the same three caravans and the same staff, and probably the essential items in the day's program were the periods devoted to uninterrupted meditation. He could not do without it. Once the King came to visit him at Eindhoven in the autumn of 1944 and, owing to bad weather, was forced to stay longer than he had intended. Monty's program was dislocated as a result, and his staff detected signs of serious psychological frustration because his meditation periods were being curtailed."

-- Notebooks Category 4: Elementary Meditation > Chapter 1: Preparatory > # 65

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