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The Surangama Sutra (Japanese title Ryogonkyo), Mahayana Zen text: "There are two methods to effect this entrance, practised conjointly. (1) By Samatha [tranquillization] the world is shut out of consciousness so that an approach is prepared for the final stage. When one's mind is full of confusion and distraction, it is no fit organ for contemplation. (2) By Vipasyana [contemplation] the Yogin is first to awaken the desire for enlightenment, to be firmly determined to live the life of Bodhisattvahood, and to have an illuminating idea as regards the source of evil passions which are always ready to assert themselves in the Tathagathagarbha [storehouse, all-conserving mind]. . . . When entrance is effected to the inner sanctuary, all the six senses are merged in one."

-- Notebooks Category 23: Advanced Contemplation > Chapter 7: Contemplative Stillness > # 184

The Notebooks are copyright © 1984-1989, The Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation.