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The world may have to undergo another war. Life, like Nature, teaches at times by harsh violence without sentimentality. If the good suffer with the bad, it is because of their ignorance. They too must wake up and acquire knowledge of the truth. They also must grow. There is a threefold evolution going on separately: physical, mental, and spiritual. We suffer through, and because of, their ignorance on these three levels. They are not here on this planet only for enjoyment of the animal urges or satisfaction of the ego-pressures which drive them, but for the purpose of growth in all three of these evolutions. "We are not here for Bhoga [pleasure], but for Yoga," said an Indian holy man to me. Each movement must go on, heedless of personal feelings or thoughts. Despite its largeness and grandeur, the World-Idea has already mapped out each individual course of growth among myriads.

-- Notebooks Category 13: Human Experience > Chapter 4: World Crisis > # 366

The Notebooks are copyright © 1984-1989, The Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation.