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It is also a historic fact that even where the Sanskrit originals are still inaccessible or wholly lost everywhere in Asia, many are saved for posterity in their existing Tibetan or Chinese translations. The consequence of these discoveries was that I later perceived the fundamental necessity of completing these researches in a wider field, taking these other parts of Asia into my orbit. I therefore pursued my investigations in such countries as Japan, China, Cambodia, Sikkim, Siam, and was finally fortunate enough to receive personally from the hands of a high lama of the Mongolian Buddhist order, as well as from an initiate in the Tibetan order, the esoteric key which unlocked several of the contradictions which had heretofore puzzled me. The above explanation is essential to make clear to Indian readers that I am no follower of their Advaita Vedanta school alone; I have taken the hidden teaching in all its integral fullness and refused to limit myself to those fragments of it which are alone available in present-day India. All Asia and not merely a part of it is now the repository of this teaching.

-- Notebooks Category 12: Reflections > Chapter 3: Encounter With Destiny > # 146

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