Archiving Preservation Project

The PBPF is honored to have in its possession the original writings and many items that belonged to PB.  Our short-term goal is to complete the effective and qualitative digitization of all his written, printed and photographic materials.  This collection is truly substantial, including over 28,000 pages of PB’s original writings, an additional 40,000 plus pages of books and articles PB had special interest in preserving, and many hundreds of photographs, including rare images of buildings and individuals now lost to time.  The project also is developing web-based access formats to make selections of these primary materials available to a worldwide audience.  To protect and preserve this legacy, our long-term goal is to secure a permanent and fully equipped archival location for all these treasures, which will also allow secured availability for all those interested and qualified.  Volunteers and contributions are much needed to realize these significant goals.

Coordinators:  Timothy Smith and Lydia Dempsey

Proofreaders:  Lydia Dempsey, Timothy Smith, Kim Gruver, Tim Ball, Kris Campbell, Patricia Carlson, Lou & Carol DeSarno, Stephanie A.H. Divo, Kira Lillas, Joyce Long, Tom Marino, Karim Mattar, Amanda Perl, Barbara Plaisted, Thomas MCM Scott, Janet Selby, David Shumway, Amber Stephenson, Judy Strickland

Short-term goals:

• Digitize and keyboard all PB’s unpublished writings, photographs, research and other papers; making them electronically available for future print publications and online access
• Develop bibliographic website access search engines for these materials (metadata)
• Photograph and catalog all artifacts and other possessions that belonged to PB

Initial Projected Cost to reach Short-term Goals:  $80,000

Long-term goals:

• Generate a detailed catalog of PB’s works to facilitate researchers
• Host all PB’s possessions, writings, library books and research notes in an atmosphere controlled and secure archival location which allows for public access and long-term preservation
• ePublish new material from the “Idea Series” and related texts (from which The Notebooks of Paul Brunton) were created

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*Volunteers interested in this project should contact Tim Smith ( 

TO DONATE: If you would be particularly interested in making a donation toward this project, please contact us, and we will be more than happy to discuss our plans in further detail with you.


Archiving Committee

Board Contact: Tim Smith
Members:   Lisa Berardino, Tom Marino, Louis DeSarno